Monday, August 2, 2010

The Lost Circus - A summary.


We personally did not get any photos, but you can see some press ones here: Metromix (E and I are #43) and Time Out NY (E and the Doubtful Guest are #8). And the lovely Babs got some beautiful photos of the bands Copal and Vagabond Opera. Check out her blog here.

Speaking of music--phenomenal! Copal was haunting and beautiful. Vagabond Opera was hilarious and had everyone groovin'. But... but... then there was Sxip Shirey. And he blew our minds.

There were SO many stunningly dressed individuals and couples at the Lost Circus. I was at once in love and nervous as hell. I did manage to chat with a few lovely folks without feeling like a total social failure. But, guh--so many personalities. I mean OH MAN the magical photographer. I do believe it was between sets, E and I were standing around, when a young man stood near us and kept glancing over. He finally asks if he could talk a photograph; we of course agreed. The best part though... He had been carrying a suitcase around this whole time. He then asked me to hold it out for him to open. It was set on my outstretched arms, then he snapped it open and... and MAGIC!! A light from within the case cast an eerie golden glow on his face as he pulled out a very nice and old camera. And he was very quiet the entire time. It was just such a thrilling moment.

I wish I was better with articulating verbally, but... yeah, I hope you get the idea that The Lost Circus by Gemini and Scorpio was an absolute blast. Here's to many more fabulous parties in the future!

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